Many of our members are enthusiastic photographers. Their subject matter embraces a wide variety of transport topics embracing all railway related matters, both ancient and modern - including locomotives (modern and steam), rolling stock, narrow and standard gauge, home and abroad, liveries, industrial and private railways, locations and infrastructure, historical sites and much railway miscellany.

Photograph by John Clark

Photograph by David Hinxman

Photograph by David Hinxman

The photographer has a variety of reasons for taking pictures including to support their public presentations, for publication in magazines and journals but more often simply for personal enjoyment and their own collections.

 The Society positively encourages responsible railway photography in four ways:

1.      By providing a platform for members to show their photographs, usually in support of a presentation at the twice monthly meetings.

2.      By organising a Photographic Competition for members.

3.      By encouraging members to display their photographs on this site.

4.      By promoting National Rail Guidelines for Railway Enthusiasts.

The Society reserves the right not to present material likely to have been obtained by trespass.