Local Railway History

A history of the Railways around Basingstoke by Chris Tolley

In the past many independent railways operated from, through and around Basingstoke . Each had its own identity and history. You can read of their development and, in several cases, their demise, in 'A History of the Railways around Basingstoke' prepared by Chris Tolley, an ex-Member of our Society; follow this link for an illustrated treatise of railways in the Basingstoke area to the end of the 20th century.



Basingstoke in late 1850s (Picture courtesy of the Basingstoke Willis Museum)


A 21st Century Basingstoke Update by David Brace

David Brace, Society member and ex-Chairman, is preparing to bring 'Basingstoke’s Railway History Update' by adding to Chris Tolley’s work from the end of the last century.