A History of the Railways
around Basingstoke

by Christopher J Tolley


In order to avoid reaching foolish conclusions about the development of the local railways, I have read widely among the published work about them. I have used a few short direct quotations, and these are specifically acknowledged in the text. There are two longer passages, a circular and a newspaper report, which I came across in John Fairman's handy booklet, Basingstoke, 150 years of Railway Progress, and I have included these because I believe them to be out of copyright, both being published over 150 years ago. If inadvertently I have breached any copyright, I apologise in advance; please let me know of any matters which need to be addressed in this regard. A full bibliography appears below.

I thank those people who have helped and encouraged me in this work, especially Troy Melvin, who shares my eccentric interest in finding long-closed railway stations and lines, and who provided the transport to some of the locations discussed. In addition, I am grateful to have had the chance to speak to some of the people who were actually involved in making the history which I have documented, and acknowledge the helpful comments of Arthur Attwood about several aspects of this work; Mr. Attwood is the only person I know who can remember travelling on the Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway, as well as being a noted local historian.

One acknowledgement I often encounter in books is thanks to the author's wife for putting up with an author determined to finish the book. I can only echo this accurate sentiment, having disrupted Suzanne's routine for some weeks while producing this account.


The following books and documents were consulted during the preparation of this history, though this is not to say that their contents necessarily influenced what is contained in it - indeed, in some cases I had reached some of their conclusions independently myself before reading some of these sources, and in other cases, my views differ.

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In addition to these, numerous timetables were consulted, as were issues of the following journals: Back Track, Modern Railways, Railways South East, The Railway Observer and The Railway Times.

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