The Society generally organises two major outings each year, as well as arranging a Member's dinner and other outings when appropriate:

A European long weekend in May 

A UK day coach trip in July/August

European Trip



Photographs by Andy Fewster


2018 was the Society's twenty ninth annual trip and this year the country chosen to visit was Germany centred on the city of Dresden and the weekend Steam Festival centred on the motive power roundhouses. Local trips covered a number of the narrow gauge railways, funicular railways, and required travel via light rail trams, buses and trains, both standard and narrow gauge. We are away usually for five days, including a weekend. As the trips have become progressively more ambitious and further from home we have tended to fly to and from an airport within reach of our chosen base. From there, wherever possible, we travel by rail, though on occasions have resorted to buses, boats, trams, cable cars and taxis to complete particular sections of the itinerary. Needless to say some time is allocated to photography as we travel around the region. Typically twelve to sixteen Members support this trip which is totally self ­financed. A record of the previous European trips can be viewed using this link.


UK Trip



Photographs by John Clark / Andy Fewster



The main trip usually takes place on a Sunday and involves the use of a coach. We aim to visit one preserved railway each trip and select locations where there is also additional recreation for partners and guests for whom railways may not be their primary interest. Sufficient time at each location is allocated to allow a return trip on the railway concerned, including visits to workshops, museums and the shop/cafe and of course some photography too. Typically 30-40 members and guests support this occasion. Members benefit from a discount against the full cost paid by guests and partners.



2017 saw the society travel to Adrian Shooter's Beeches Light Railway. An additional party travelled on the Andover Fist 2 railtour organised by UK Railtours. A summary of the most recent UK trips can be viewed using this link.