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Picture courtesy of
Basingstoke Willis Museum

Photograph by Ian Francis

Picture courtesy of
Basingstoke Willis Museum


Welcome to the Web Site of the Basingstoke & District Railway Society.

History and Objectives

The Society was formed in 1974 with the objective of providing lectures, films, illustrated talks and other entertainment on matters concerning railways, including organised tours and journeys of railway and associated interest. Members can read the full Society History via the Member Login page.


70D Logo

In the 20th Century Basingstoke was one of three main steam sheds in Hampshire and was one of the main sheds in the London Division of the South-Western Section of the Southern Region. From nationalisation in 1948 until closure in September 1963 Basingstoke's shed number was 70D.


Meetings, Membership Profile and Programme

The Society meets twice monthly throughout the year and has a membership of around 80, of all ages, male and female. Average attendance at these meetings is around 40 which enables the Society to attract top quality speakers. Details of future meetings are available to view in the programme section together with reviews of recent meetings.  


Membership Benefits, Categories and Fees

In addition to the presentations at the twice monthly meetings members enjoy a number of other membership benefits. Individual membership costs  5 per annum, plus 2 for each meeting attended. Guests and visitors are welcome at all our regular meetings on payment of 3. Membership Categories and Fees are detailed in the membership area of this site. You can also find out how to join us in the membership area  


Where and When We Meet

The Society normally meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, between 19:45 and 22:00, in the comfortable lounge of the Wote Street private members Club. Their premises are situated in a central location in the Basingstoke town centre, a ten minute walk from the Railway Station and served by a large car park costing 1.00 for the evening. Society members can make use of the Club's bar facilities before and after the meeting and during a fifteen minute interval at 20:45. You will find directions on how to find us by clicking on this link or on the above tab.


Chairman and Secretary

The Chairman of the Society is John Clark and the Secretary Tony Wright.  For contact details see the Contact Us page of this web site.


Regulation Of The Society 

The Society is governed by a set of established rules and is managed by annually elected officers and committee members. The officers are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Fifteen members currently serve on the Committee fulfilling other roles such as Programme Organiser, Newsletter Editor, Trips Officer, Overseas Tour Co-ordinator, Raffle Organiser, Sales Officer, Membership Secretary, Video/DVD Librarian, Publicity Officer and Information Technology Advisor. In addition the Society has two Honorary Auditors and an Honorary Webmaster.

Society Members can view the full Society Rules and see the names of the Officers, the Committee and their roles via the Member Login page. The dates of the current year Committee meetings are also available in this area.